Wendy Ryals ​Fine Art

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passionate pursuits

Acrylic on canvas


Each panel is 30" X 40​"





who am i

I ​am an artist.

Initially working in acrylic, I expanded my creative process to include ​oil and cold wax, encaustic and mixed media.

No matter the medium all of my work is produced without planning. I ​enter my studio, pick materials, and simply begin the work.

With a foundation in simplicity and expression in abstraction the ​work remains a mystery until the process reveals my true self, my ​story.

My background


  • California State, Los Angeles
    • Teaching Artist Certificate
  • Smithsonian Associates
    • Certificate Program, World Art History
  • University of Washington
    • Certificate Program, Photography
    • Certificate Program, Advanced Digital Imaging
  • University of Florida
    • Bachelor of Science

Selected E​xhibitions

  • I​ntergenerational Center; “Big Bold Abstract”; Vero​ Beach, FL
  • One West Grand Avenue; “Blink”; Chicago, Illinois
  • St. Lucie​ County Cultural Alliance; “The Vault”; Fort Pierce, Florida
  • Re​mnant Construction; “Construct Dreams”; Fort Pierce, Florida
  • Ver​o Beach Museum of Art; “Art by the Sea”; Vero Beach, Florida
  • Vero Bea​ch Art Club Gallery; “Color & Movement”; Vero Beach, Florida
  • Ver​o Beach Museum of Art; Patten Com​munity Gallery; “Conceptual Creativity”; Vero Beach, Florida
  • Inte​rgenerational Center; “Artist’s Choice”; Vero Beach, Florida​
  • Alchemy Collections; “Concrete Jungle”; Seattle, Washin​gton
  • Stylus Studios; “Portfolio Pieces”; Seattle, W​ashington
  • Ghost Gallery; “Petite Works”; S​eattle, Washington
  • Ventures; “Graffiti”; Seattle, Washington
  • The Heali​ng Gard​e​n; “Marine Images”; University of Washington Medical Center

remember summer

Acrylic on canvas

30" X 40"

My Featured works



Acrylic on canvas

40" X 30"



broken boxes

Oil and cold wax on cradled panel

20" X 24"

pacific winters

Oil and cold wax on cradled panel

20" X 24"

florida coasts

Fl​orida found

Acrylic on canvas

30" X 40"​

I was born and raised in southeastern ​coastal Florida. My childhood was spent ​wandering on the beach and immersed ​in the ocean, and I became enthralled by ​what I saw.

The playful sparkles dancing on the ​surface of the water and the mysterious ​shadows shifting underwater ​heightened my senses and expanded my ​emotional awareness.

Capturing the emotional essence of my ​youth remains a satisfying artistic ​endeavor and shall most likely never ​leave me.

Forever my florida

Acrylic on canvas

36" X 36"


I initially became an artist to balance the work I did to ​make a living. Creating quickly rejuvenated and ​revitalized me.

I was immersed in and fascinated by the creative ​experience and I wanted to share that experience ​with others so teaching seemed to be a natural next ​step.

My goal as a teaching artist is to have students leave ​my classes confident in their ability to explore and ​curious to learn more about themselves.

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stepping stones


Oil and cold wax on panel

20" X 24"